Terms and Conditions

Version updated to May 15, 2022

1. User Acceptance

2. Use of the Inverna Peru website

The Inverna Peru website is available only to those who can enter into legally binding contracts in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. The User agrees to use the Inverna Peru website in accordance with the Law, these Terms and Conditions, morality, good customs and public order.

3. Responsibility for passwords

4. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights of the Inverna Peru website, its contents and designs belong to it or, where appropriate, to third parties with whom it has contracted. In those cases in which they are owned by third parties, Inverna Peru has the necessary licenses or permits for their use. The reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication, making available or any form of use, of all or part of the contents of the Inverna Peru website, in any medium and by any technical means, without the authorization of Inverna Peru, is expressly prohibited. Winter Peru. The User agrees to respect the intellectual property rights owned by Inverna Peru, related companies and third parties. Likewise, the use or reproduction of any registered trademark, name or logo that appears on the Inverna Peru website without its prior written authorization is expressly prohibited.

5. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

6. Presentation of the products

Inverna Peru offers its products in two presentations:
  • Regular presentation
  • Giftbox
If the User wishes to purchase a product in Giftbox, they must go to the respective independent section. The User declares to review in detail the presentation to be acquired and to be satisfied with it. The product will be shipped to the User as purchased.

7. Payment methods

Users have one options to pay for their orders:
  1. Pay online
The payment methods accepted for online payment are the following:
Through PayPal:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
After the User has confirmed the order, he is responsible for having the means of payment indicated during the purchase process. If you do not have said means of payment, the order cannot be processed and will be cancelled. The products offered on the Inverna Peru website, unless a different form is indicated for particular cases or offers of certain products, can only be paid with the means that are specifically indicated in each case. The use of credit or debit cards will be subject to what is established in these Terms and Conditions and, in relation to their issuer, and what is agreed in the respective contracts signed with the issuing bank of the means of payment. In case of contradiction, what is expressed in that last instrument will prevail. In the case of bank cards accepted on the Inverna Peru website, the aspects related to them, such as the date of issue, expiration, blockages, collection of commissions, purchase interest in installments, etc., will be governed by the respective contracts signed with the issuing bank of the means of payment, in such a way that Inverna Peru will not be responsible for any of the aforementioned aspects. Under any suspicion and/or confirmation of unauthorized purchases, Inverna Peru will cancel the purchase and cancel the transaction.

8. Stock

Inverna Peru is responsible for updating the page and constantly reviewing the products displayed on the site, however, our company may modify and discontinue the products at any time without incurring any liability to the User. The Inverna Peru website is pre-established to show products without stock at the time of the User’s navigation with a “out of stock” label. Without prejudice to this, in accordance with the provisions of clause 9, Inverna Peru reserves the right not to approve the purchase request and consequently not to dispatch a product if it does not have the requested stock due to any exceptional circumstance that may have occurred. could be generated. Any purchase request made through our website will be validated according to product stock, customer data, payment method data and transport capacity. In the event that any of these validations is negative, the purchase request will not be processed, and the Customer will be notified of such rejection via email (indicated by the Customer during the registration process on the site) or by telephone, if the Customer is the case.

9. Formation of consent in transactions carried out through this Site and Purchase Process

Through the Inverna Peru website, offers of products will be made, which may be accepted through acceptance, electronically, and using the mechanisms that the Inverna Peru website itself offers for this. Any acceptance of the offer will be subject to the condition precedent that Inverna Peru validates the transaction. The receipt by Inverna Peru of the purchase order request does not imply that it has been accepted, the transaction has been validated, or the availability of the products has been confirmed. Consequently, for any operation carried out on the Inverna Peru website, the confirmation and/or validation or verification by it will be a requirement for the formation of the contract. To validate the transaction, Inverna Peru will verify: a) That there is available stock of the products at the time the offer is accepted; b) That it validates and accepts the means of payment offered or chosen by the user; c) That the data registered by the User on the site coincide with those provided when making their purchase request; d) That the payment is credited by the User; and, e) That there is transport capacity of our motorized to carry out the dispatch (the “Conditions of Purchase“). It is important that you are attentive to any communication, as we may contact you for the aforementioned validation. In response to what is stated in the preceding paragraphs, and as a measure of protection for the security of transactions, Inverna Peru may cancel orders when it verifies that one or more of the Purchase Conditions are not complied with, in particular what indicated in literals a, b, c, d and e above. In the event that any of the previously indicated conditions is not met, and as a security measure for the user, Inverna Peru will automatically cancel the order placed, proceeding to communicate this fact to the financial entity that issued the card used by the user in his request. of purchase within a maximum period of seven (7) business days. Subsequently, said financial entity will be solely responsible for proceeding with the release of the amount withheld for the purchase, in accordance with its corresponding procedures and policies. Inverna Peru may proceed to cancel any order, as well as to cancel the corresponding purchase order, in the terms provided in this paragraph at any time, even after the user receives a confirmation of receipt of the order. Additionally, the availability of the product cannot be confirmed until your order has been prepared for shipment, considering any type of discrepancy between the availability provided on our Site and the effective stock of the products. Also, if the purchase process is not approved, Inverna Peru will send a communication (via email or telephone) to the customer to inform them about it. In the particular case that the Purchase Condition that is not fulfilled is the lack of stock of only some of the products of your purchase request, we will contact you to inform you about it. At this stage you can decide between:
  • Accept the purchase of the remaining products, where we will invoice only the amount of said products, or,
  • Cancel the order.
The prices of the products available on the Inverna Peru website, while they appear as available, will only be valid and applicable to it and will not be applicable to other sales channels used by Inverna Peru, such as other electronic sales sites, catalogs, physical stores, telephone delivery or others. The prices of the products offered on the Inverna Peru website are expressed in Soles. The prices offered are expressed in soles and correspond exclusively to the value of the good offered. These prices include the General Sales Tax (IGV) and do not include transportation, handling, shipping, accessories that are not expressly described or any other additional item or bank interest charges for the payment method used.

10. Dispatch of products

The products purchased through this website will be subject to the dispatch and delivery conditions chosen by the user and available on the site. The information of the place of shipment is the sole responsibility of the user. The terms chosen for dispatch and delivery are counted since Inverna Peru has validated the purchase request and the means of payment used, and are considered business days for the fulfillment of said term. To greater abundance: Confirmed the purchase process, the estimated shipping time is 7 to 31 days depending on the courier service. Inverna Peru will not incur liability if, due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure and/or natural disasters, the product is not delivered on the date agreed with the User within the delivery times indicated in the preceding paragraph.

11. Changes and returns

12. Promotions

The validity period of the offer is the one that coincides with the effective date indicated in the promotion or by virtue of the exhaustion of the quantities of products (stock) available for that promotion duly informed to the User, or while the offer remains available, the shorter of these terms. The promotions offered on this website are not necessarily the same as those offered by other sales channels used by Inverna Peru, unless expressly stated on the website or in the advertising made for each promotion. When the Inverna Peru website offers promotions that consist of the free delivery or discount of a product for the purchase of another, the dispatch of the good that is delivered free of charge or at a reduced price, will be done in the same place in which the product is dispatched. purchased product. The Inverna Peru website submits its promotions and promotional activities to compliance with current regulations.

13. Personal Data

14. Communications

15. Force majeure

Inverna Peru will not be responsible for any delay or failure in the performance or interruption of the website that may result directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, failure of equipment or electronic or mechanical communication lines, theft, operator errors, severe weather, earthquakes or natural disasters, strikes or other labor problems, wars, or government restrictions. In addition, Inverna Peru is working to guarantee the availability and delivery of the products within the period offered; however, due to the situation we are facing due to the spread of COVID-19 and the increase in operations through our electronic commerce channel, we inform you that our delivery times may suffer eventual delays. We remind all our users that our economic activities are subject to compliance with the provisions of the Government and may be affected at any time by the State of National Emergency, so that, in cases of fortuitous event or force majeure, we will be empowered to proceed with the cancellation of the purchase order and the return to the means of payment used.

16. Complaint book

17. Assignment of contractual position

The Users expressly authorize the assignment of these Terms and Conditions and in favor of any person who (i) is bound by these Terms and Conditions and/or (ii) who is the new person in charge of the database that contains the personal information of the User. . After the transfer occurs, Inverna Peru will not have any responsibility with respect to any event that occurs from the date of the transfer. The new person in charge will assume each and every one of the obligations established in these Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policy regarding the treatment, protection and conservation of the User’s personal information.

18. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Peruvian law and any dispute that occurs in relation to the validity, application or interpretation thereof, including the Privacy Policy, will be resolved in the courts of the Cercado de Lima.

19. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

Inverna Peru expressly reserves the right to modify, update or extend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any modification, update or extension produced in these Terms and Conditions will be immediately published by this means, being the responsibility of the User to review the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of navigation. In the event that the User does not agree with the aforementioned modifications, they may choose not to use the Inverna Peru website. We note that the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of the transaction with the User will be respected.