About Us

About us

Hello! We are Adriana Burga Devoto and Jimena Pérez Devoto, yes! We are first cousins ​​and together we created Inverna.
Adriana Burga Devoto Co-founder of Inverna
Jimena Pérez Devoto Co-founder of Inverna
From a very young age we dreamed of having projects together. These dreams of two eight-year-old girls materialized in getting together to sell lemonade to the neighbors, or drawing fairies and dolls on letter paper and selling them to our schoolmates. Jime sold the little drawings and I, Adri, drew them. We always complemented each other perfectly, I was happy to offer my drawings and Jime always understood the art of selling perfectly.
With the same enthusiasm that we had since we were children every time we started a project, Inverna was born. This project was created in June, during the year 2020, in the midst of this surprising pandemic.
Inverna was born from the need to feel comfortable at home during quarantine. We firmly believed that wearing a pair of slippers that made us feel in the clouds could greatly improve our mood, and make the quarantine more bearable. Therefore, from day one we set out to find a soft material that fits perfectly with any look.
As we read somewhere, “it’s about seeing ourselves and feeling good in order to enjoy the benefits of pleasing ourselves more than others” (slay!)
Can you think of a more precise material for the characteristics we were looking for than the softness of alpaca? And if you haven’t tried that feeling yet, you’re missing out on something delicious!
Defining alpaca as a material for our slippers was only the beginning, since from that point on we began the search for artisans who could make the models we had in mind a reality and fulfill the values ​​we wanted to promote as a brand (especially cruelty work! free!).
This is how, since this beautiful project began, we went through more than ten different artisans, with whom we had good and bad experiences, but always learning a lot along the way. Today we work with five talented artisans located in Puno, Cusco and Lima, who are a fundamental part of Inverna.
We work hand in hand with them every day to give you THAT pair of slippers that will make you feel very comfortable and will complement your pandemic outfits. We are very proud to have created such a valuable network of 100% national work. Our entire production chain is made up of small and large Peruvian enterprises. From the handmade origami roses for our gift boxes to the transport company that travels throughout the country, allowing us to work with our artisans. To all of them thousand thanks!

Artisan work

Peru has the richest and most diverse crafts in Latin America. The fur shop is part of this activity. It works on the basis of camelid skin such as vicuña, alpaca, and llama.
Our Inverna slippers are carefully made by artisans from Puno, Cuzco and Lima, who work only with alpaca, for its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties. That is, they do not generate allergies and maintain body temperature at normal levels. Does not suffocate on hot days and provides warmth on cold days. In addition, alpaca is known for its texture, resistance, lightness, softness and for being durable over time.
The manufacturing process of each Inverna slipper comprises two phases: the first consists of the preparation, tanning, dyeing and drying of the leather. In the second phase, each slipper is sewn, always making sure that each part is impeccable and sewn to perfection.
Each craftsman is specialized in a different model. For example, our Nubecitas are made in Juliaca-Puno while our Suri blonde are made in Sicuani-Cusco.
We work with three types of alpaca: Huacaya alpaca, Suri and baby alpaca. Our Nubecitas are made of Huacaya alpaca, this type of alpaca has a lot of volume, which allows us to create the effect of “walking on clouds”. On the other hand, our baby alpaca slippers are extremely soft and much lighter. Finally, our Suri alpaca slippers are much more stylish, as the hair is long and straight, perfectly complementing any look.

Cruelty Free

In our beautiful Peru, alpacas are raised so that their wool can be removed year after year. This allows artisans and/or ranchers to have a livelihood, through their commercialization. Thus, the alpaca wool industry is extremely important for Peruvian communities. For this reason, alpacas are bred seeking to promote a long useful life, which implies giving them quality of life without animal cruelty.
Culturally, our Peru has a unique perspective on alpaca farming. Peruvian alpaca breeders care that the alpaca reaches maturity, in order to create a strong herd for the future. It is important to add that Peruvian alpacas are considered an almost sacred animal.
It is neither practical nor ethical to kill alpacas simply for their fur, because there is much more economic benefit to shearing them for their wool. Our artisans use the skins of alpacas that have died of natural causes to make our slippers. In fact, each of our artisans has signed a letter of commitment regarding the cruelty-free treatment of the alpacas they work with.
Young animals die naturally due to disease, extreme weather changes, genetics, or an accident. This is a costly loss for the rancher and his family. Thus, they mitigate their loss by using the alpaca as food and its skin.